Commercial Refrigeration in Logan, UT

Commercial refrigeration in a store
Businesses and industries that deal with perishable items like food and pharmaceuticals must have dependable and energy-efficient commercial refrigeration. From spacious, walk-in freezers to convenient ice machines, refrigeration keeps supplies at a safe, stable temperature to reduce the risk of spoilage and protect customers. Adding commercial refrigeration for your business or commercial property should be handled by qualified, experienced professionals.


Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Large commercial cooler
Professional commercial refrigeration repair is vital for businesses depending on this sort of equipment to preserve supplies or products. A sudden equipment failure can create all kinds of headaches such as losing product as well as lost revenue. That's why it's so beneficial to have reputable commercial refrigeration repair service at your disposal. At Western Mechanical, Inc., we can offer fast and lasting repairs for a wide variety of refrigeration fixtures.

Walk-in Freezer Repair

A walk-in freezer is crucial for businesses like restaurants and bakeries. When it stops working properly, every second counts. Contact us as soon as possible if you are worried there’s a problem with the commercial walk-in freezer. We’ll do everything we can to identify the root cause of the problem and take measures to secure an effective solution.

Walk-in Cooler Repair

While not as chilly compared to a walk-in freezer, a walk-in cooler remains important for keeping food and other perishables at consistent temperatures. During walk-in cooler repair, our qualified technicians can go over their repair process to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening. That way we can determine the best options moving forward consistent with your refrigeration needs.

Ice Machine Repair

Motels, gas stations, fast food restaurants, cafes and various other businesses employ an ice machine for fast access to ice cold drinks, as well as for keeping other things cool. We stay up to date on the best ice machine repair procedures to see to it that no matter what’s happening with your system, repairs can be completed more easily.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

To prevent an unexpected problem, one of the best investments you can make in your commercial refrigeration is a consistent maintenance plan. Commercial refrigeration maintenance is intended to give technicians the opportunity to discover if something's wrong, including damaged water lines or a bad door seal. If you need walk-in freezer maintenance or walk-in cooler maintenance, give us a call! We can even provide ice machine maintenance.

Man working on a refrigeration system

Commercial Refrigeration Installation

Installing commercial refrigeration equipment is a complex process that needs seasoned professionals. You need a firm seal and seamless plumbing to guarantee temperatures stay right where you need them to. Our installers specialize in both walk-in freezer installation and walk-in cooler installation, setting up your business for success. We also have the resources to provide quality ice machine installation, featuring a variety of makes and models.


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