Heat Pump Installation in Logan, Utah

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When your heat pump quits working, you probably are hopeful you’ll only have to pay for repair instead of heat pump installation in Logan, Utah.

Sadly, a fix isn’t always possible—or worth the cost.

Western Mechanical, Inc. can assist you with HVAC installation if your heat pump is is far from a fast fix. Reach out to us at 435-753-5515 right away for help choosing a new heat pump that meets your resources, energy-efficiency targets and home comfort requirements.


4 Signs You’re Due to Install a New Your Heat Pump

Even if you’re convinced your unit is due for replacement, it can be helpful to be aware of common hints to confirm. It could be time to replace your system if any of the following apply.

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1. Your Equipment Is More Than 10 Years Old

While we desire our heat pumps could last forever, they have a defined lifetime. The longest timeline people usually receive from their system is 15 years.

That’s an admirable goal, but sometimes attainable. If your system fails after its 10th date of birth, it’s likely a wiser financial option to invest in a newer system.

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2. Your Home Comfort Is Dwindling

As your equipment matures, it has to work harder to maintain a matching amount of home comfort you’ve formerly experienced. Over time, your unit might drop a portion of that power. And if you’ve attempted to repair the situation with other fixes with no luck, it’s likely time to choose a solution.

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3. Your Heat Pump Is on More Than It Should

Unless the temperature is unusually cold, your equipment shouldn’t work constantly. Cycles are an important piece of the approach that heat pumps operate. If they’re making a move to die out, you have something wrong with your heat pump.

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4. Your Utility Bills are Going Up

When you bought your unit, you likely searched for an energy-efficient model. Over time, your system might not be prepared to maintain that efficiency. If you’re noticing your utility bills growing with no discernible reason, it may be time to seek a replacement.

Benefits of Heat Pump Replacement

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While you might not be excited about selecting an alternative, an updated heat pump provides a few perks for your home.
  • Boosted energy efficiency. If it’s been more than 10 years since you’ve gotten a new unit, you’re skipping out on more energy-efficient models. With SEER rankings now available up to 20 or more, you have more choices for an energy-efficient home than previously.
  • Improved home comfort. With an updated unit, you’ll have the greatest achievable home comfort you could have. Any capability your previous heat pump lost over the years will reappear—and maybe more.
  • Increased control over your heat pump. Perhaps you inherited your heat pump from your residence’s previous owners. Possibly you’re just looking for an improvement. In any case, buying a new unit is a great time to take charge of your heat pump. You can pick a smart thermostat or upgrades, including an air purifier. It’s all up to you when you buy a new system!

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