Heat Pump Maintenance in Logan, Utah

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Heat pump maintenance in Logan, Utah, is important for keeping your system working effectively throughout the year.

It’s the easiest method to save energy and bypass a pricey, troublesome breakdown.

When you don’t have a regular tune-up, your heat pump can cost you quite a lot in utility bills and home comfort. Studies have shown heat pumps without maintenance operate roughly.

An extremely forgotten outside unit can eat up 10 to 25 percent more juice than a taken care of unit, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

You’ll notice that reflected on your home comfort costs every month—and it won’t be a low price.

Service makes your HVAC more dependable too. You could have trouble hiding just out of sight. A pro tune-up can help take care of them before they become a more expensive fix.

You’ll likely steer clear of emergency calls for typical problems like a frozen system or continuous operation. And that helps you hold on to your time and money. Contact the heating and cooling pros at 435-753-5515 to set up your appointment today.


How Regularly Should My Heat Pump Be Serviced?

We suggest bringing in a pro at least biannually—once in the fall and once in the spring. When temperatures start to get warmer or colder, it’s the perfect time for heating and cooling service.

Your system works all the time to keep your family cozy. All of that work can cause tension or even a service call, especially if you neglect maintenance.

Heat Pump Service Work List

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You already realize service is vital for an efficient, trustworthy heat pump. But what can you do to get ready for your regular service? Here are a few DIY things to complete before your Western Mechanical, Inc. pro shows up:
  • Inspect your exterior unit. Your heat pump ought to be kept unobstructed year-round to keep your home cozy. Be sure there’s no clutter on top of or near your system. You should have about two feet clear around your system in all directions.
  • Spruce up your unit. Double check your outside equipment is free of dirt. If you see dirt buildup, shut it off and delicately rinse it with a decreased pressure hose. Eliminate dust within your residence by cleaning your vents.
  • Periodically replace your your air filter. Your air filter keeps your air clean and your heat pump working efficiently. Make sure to replace it every few months.

What Occurs During a Heat Pump Tune-Up

Lennox heat pump maintenance
When your specialist does get there, they’ll have a full checklist of their own to handle. Here are a couple of things your Western Mechanical, Inc. pro will finish when they arrive.

1. Thoroughly check your system.

Your technician will inspect a range of different components of your system—such as your ducts, coil, blower, motor and more—for buildup.

2. Wipe down your system.

If they discover dirt in your system, your technician will handle it. They’ll also freshen up your coils and condensate pan.

3. Check refrigerant.

Your expert will take a look at your refrigerant concentration and refresh it if necessary.

4. Examine moving pieces.

Your unit is built from parts that need to operate nicely. If your specialist spots trouble, they’ll grease your unit’s pieces.

5. Inspect electrical connections.

Your equipment is a complex electrical appliance. Make sure it’s good with a call from a Western Mechanical, Inc. expert.

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Concerning your home comfort, effectiveness and dependability, heat pump maintenance is one of the most impactful tasks you can complete. The Western Mechanical, Inc. team is standing by when you need us. Reach us at 435-753-5515 or request an appointment with us online.

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